Uptime USA Cybersecurity Essentials is a customized suite of investigative scripts, third-party tools from leading vendors and integrated services to provide an increased level of security.

Uptime USA provides enterprise technology solutions for small to medium organizations. As your IT service provider, we are constantly researching ways to increase security and find new services that can benefit your organization. Companies everywhere have seen a significant increase in the amount of phishing attacks, email scams, malware and ransom attacks. These attacks are getting smarter and therefore become increasingly difficult to spot. Due to these increases in sophistication of attacks, we have built a robust security offering in an effort to decrease the success rates of these attacks, and create a more secure environment for your organization.

The largest organizations in the world are spending billions on IT security and still being hacked on a daily basis.
There are currently no products or services that can guarantee your organizations’ network, data or emails will be secure. Therefore, the objective of our offerings is to provide you best-practices, at low costs, that will greatly reduce the risk of an attack.

Uptime’s AlwaysOn Cybersecurity Essentials

Uptime bundled services and investigative scripts/reports to provide an essential level of security for most small to medium organizations including:

  • Multi-factor authentication, also known as 2-step verification – a security system that requires more than one form of authentication to log into your Office 365 email account, such as verifying via a text message
  • Email Entitlement review and report – Uptime monthly review of all new and old email accounts that changed from the previous month.
  • Email Rules and Forwarding review and report – Uptime monthly review of any new email rules or forwarding that has been created in each mailbox.
  • Server Entitlement review and report – monthly review of all new and old server/network accounts that changed from the previous month.
  • Advanced Threat Protection (for those using Microsoft 365) – an add-on for Microsoft 365, ATP is a unified platform for preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response

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