With locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Denver, we go beyond the typical IT service providers by providing local and onsite service for your Cloud, hardware, internet, phone, software and mobile needs. By aligning your IT investments with your business objectives, we deliver enterprise-level quality and reliability while lowering your IT budget. Ultimately, we become your technology partner and always have your best interests in mind.

Here are some points to consider when evaluating IT Service Providers or your current IT staff:
Are your current IT costs too high? Are you up to date with the times?
Many successful organizations have grown consistently over time yet their IT department has had trouble keeping up. The IT environment falls behind creating antiquated systems, downtime, and out of control costs. By utilizing standard processes, procedures and technology, Uptime can typically lower your IT costs, improve employee and customer service and eliminate downtime compared to in-house IT staffs.
Avoid Dependence on Individual Freelance Consultants
For IT support, small businesses often rely excessively on freelance consultants. Although freelance consultants carry less overhead than full-service support organizations and can afford to charge nominally smaller fees, they are often stretched too thin to respond quickly to urgent situations. If an independent consultant is busy with another client, sick, on vacation, or in training, the lack of backup may force your business to wait for help during an emergency. As your technology partner, we are an extension to your business. As your small business grows, network downtime or problems with critical applications become more costly. The money you thought you were saving on a freelancer can be eaten up quickly by lost productivity. In addition, when freelance consultants encounter unfamiliar problems, their lack of a large engineering teams to fall back on for advice forces them to learn on the job while you end up footing the bill for their ongoing education.
Don’t be “outsourced” or “remoted”
Many firms will cut costs by outsourcing work to cheaper remote or offshore environments that could lead to poor maintenance and costly downtime. Remote support means just that…Remote. If your service provider isn’t onsite regularly to understand your unique business, then you’re not getting the level of service to give your company a competitive edge.
Have Access to Expertise in Complex IT Solutions
Many small service organizations or freelance consultants who cater to small businesses may excel at providing a limited set of solutions but lack the experience and depth to deal cost-effectively with diverse or complex IT infrastructures with multiple platforms and technology vendors. Uptime’s enterprise-class experience can be valuable to your small business. Our experience provides you a high level of stability, reliability, and security based on enterprise-proven best practices. We’re a technology advisor you can count on!
Build a Solid Foundation for Seamless Growth
Small businesses often start with an IT system implemented on a shoestring budget. Lacking a proper foundation, an accumulation of band-aid fixes often get piled on top of a weak foundation. As a business grows, stability and scalability issues can hinder the success of the organization. Such environments need proper assessment, planning, and broad-based expertise to upgrade cost-effectively to an ITinfrastructure that will provide the solid basis to meet critical business needs and facilitate future growth.
We stand behind the Products and Services delivered
Small businesses require guidance and education to navigate through an increasingly complex maze of technology options available for accelerating business growth and improving productivity. They need a technology partner who can help them determine what is best for their business. Uptime provides the assessment, recommendation, implementation and ongoing support to ensure your success. This allows Uptime to align technical expertise with the best interests of our customers. IT consulting combined with product selection and procurement will lead to optimal solutions based on the genuine needs of the business.
Some of the benefits of Uptime’s IT services include:
  • Costs less than your own IT staff
  • Provides predictable, fixed-fee monthly pricing
  • Offers unlimited service
  • A firm that guarantees everything they do
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