A Single Partner for all your
Information Technology needs

Uptime USA is a customer-centric IT Services firm providing solutions for small to medium sized organizations.
We eliminate costly employee and computer downtime allowing our customers to focus on their business.


At Uptime we work with your organization to eliminate downtime. The Uptime AlwaysOn service is a fixed monthly fee that guarantees your organization will have access to all your IT systems or we’ll fix them for FREE! This enables you to plan your IT budget every month and every year.

AlwaysOn Support

Comprehensive IT managed services with unlimited support and guaranteed access to your systems or it’s free.

AlwaysOn Secure Essentials

Custom suite of investigative scripts, tools and integrated services that provide increased security.

AlwaysOn Secure Complete

A complete security solution for your business covering a multitude of threats and security awareness training.

AlwaysOn Continuity

Backups and continuity plans for your business covering servers, cloud services, Microsoft 365, Google, and workstations.

Single Vendor for IT

A single partner for all your Information Technology needs.

Lower your IT costs

Enterprise-class reliability and service at a fraction of the cost of internal IT.

Relax, and let us handle the IT work for you, so you can have peace of mind.
Our mission is to help your organization succeed.


Uptime frequently co-sponsors and hosts luncheons, seminars, and technology demonstrations along with our best of breed partners like Microsoft, IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco and others. You can get the latest news and information sent to you by providing your email.

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