Uptime consultants have an average of 13 years experience in the IT industry and have worked on projects and been employed by such companies as HP, Kaiser, Cisco, IBM, US Government, NOKIA, Price Waterhouse & Coopers, and Lockheed Martin. Our management is comprised of people who were and are small businesses owners themselves, so they understand the IT pain points and concerns of a business owner first hand. It is this perspective and experience that allows us to help you by aligning your IT investments with your business objectives, thus delivering enterprise-level quality and reliability while lowering your IT budget.

By providing our clients with best of breed solutions from the most innovative vendors, which were formerly affordable only to big size corporations we have leveled the playing field for small and medium sized businesses trying to compete in the ever changing landscape of technology. Because our management is comprised of business owners who haven’t been techies their whole life, but rather have operated companies in the private sector, they approach small to medium business from the standpoint of a business owner, not a technology vendor trying to maximize revenue every time they interact with a client.
For example, our AlwaysOn service guarantees your organization will have access to their servers, networks, Internet, and email systems or we’ll fix them for free. AlwaysOn provides unlimited support and service for a pre-determined fixed monthly fee. This allows you to predict how much IT will cost every month and every year. Our local consultants proactively maintain your systems both onsite and remotely, which means your systems don’t fail. If they do, we’ll fix them right away for free. AlwaysOn is a unique service in the industry because your objectives are aligned with Uptime’s to avoid costly downtime.
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