disaster recovery

Uptime USA Disaster Recovery solutions make sure your business can continue in the event of the loss of your office, hardware, or other unexpected event.

Through a combination of data protection, air-gapped backups, and cloud recovery, Uptime can keep you operating even when things gets unexpectedly difficult. Whether that be from ransomware or an extended power outage, we’ve got you covered. We’re there to help out when you need us most!

Uptime USA Continuity refers to the comprehensive planning process to keep your critical IT infrastructure operating in the face of unexpected conditions. With an understanding of how events such as cyberattack, hardware failure, or natural disaster might impact critical business systems and data, Uptime USA can take steps to limit downtime or data loss even in the worst of situations.

Uptime’s AlwaysOn Disaster Recovery

  • Local Backups when applicable – a locally stored backup for quick recovery in the event of local hardware loss. Our backups typically run every 60 minutes to avoid data loss.
  • Cloud Replication – Replication of the local backups to a cloud environment for local or cloud recovery. These backups usually run once a day and use security mechanisms and immutable storage to avoid impact from ransomware.
  • Cloud Recovery – If you need it, we can recovery your environment in the cloud. Your team can connect to this environment and continue working despite the loss of a facility or local hardware.
  • Cloud Backup – Continuous protection of your Google or Microsoft 365 environment to a 3rd party cloud environment.