At Uptime, we are a unique combination of IT professionals that understand business, and business professionals that understand IT.
Uptime delivers services covering all aspects of your organization’s IT needs from planning, consulting, deployment, implementation, training, and ongoing support. Many of us have spent decades in IT helping Global 1000 organizations plan and deploy systems and software.
We have spent years advising organizations like Cisco, Kaiser, ATT and others. Many of us have also run our own small to medium businesses, so we understand how to maximize IT on small company budgets. Therefore, we offer IT Planning and Direction consulting to help other business owners address their IT needs.
IT Planning and Direction includes:
  • IT Executive Assessment
  • Disaster and Business Continuity Assessment
  • IT Budget Planning and Procurement
  • Communications Assessment and Audit
Our new customer’s typically start with our FREE version of the IT Executive Assessment. As part of our methodology for services, Uptime developed the IT Executive Assessment to quickly and cost effectively allow organizations to understand how IT could help lower costs or increase revenue.
IT Executive Assessment
The IT Executive Assessment is a customized process that quickly and cost effectively bridges the customer’s business objectives with their IT needs as they pertain to the optimization of systems and employee productivity. The assessment effectively shows how a company can utilize IT to create competitive advantage while lowering IT costs. The purpose of the IT Executive Assessment is to gather and document information about the business objectives, processes and systems that exist today and help build an IT strategic plan for the future.
The output of the IT Assessment can be used as a strategy plan on how to leverage information technology, what changes can be made to minimize downtime, and how to lower ongoing IT costs.
Whether you have a part-time IT person or an IT staff of ten, Uptime can demonstrate how to lower costs while increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.
Disaster and Business Continuity Assessment
The principal objective of the disaster recovery and business continuity assessments are to develop, test and document a well-structured and easily understood plan which will help your organization identify risk areas and recover as quickly and effectively as possible from an unforeseen disaster or emergency which interrupts information systems and business operations. Uptime will assess business objectives and the current technology environment to help identify potentially high-risk areas of failure in order to mitigate downtime. Additionally, Uptime can assist with providing a recovery plan and business continuity plan to help small organizations document procedures. We will assist with identifying what the critical applications are, how long they can be down (recovery-time-objective or RTO) and how much data-loss is acceptable (when the last good backup should be, or recovery-point-objective or RPO).
The assessment covers recommendations for avoiding disasters and addresses points on how to recover from:
  • an application failure or data corruption
  • a specific component failure such as a power supply or hard disk or SAN controller
  • a local hardware failure such as a server, SAN, or UPS
  • a network hardware failure such as a switch or router or firewall
  • a site failure that brings down an office for a long period of time, possibly permanently destroying data or hardware.
IT Budget Planning and Procurement
Small businesses require guidance and education to navigate through an increasingly complex maze of technology options available for accelerating business growth and improving productivity. They need a partner who can help them determine what is best for their business. Uptime provides the assessment, recommendation, implementation and ongoing support to ensure your success. This allows Uptime to align technical expertise with the best interests of our customers. IT consulting combined with product selection and procurement will lead to optimal solutions based on the genuine needs of the business. We help our customers take advantage of our volume discounts and relationships with IBM, HP, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Cisco and others.
We help you assess, architect, procure, install and maintain your systems at cost savings like the large enterprises experience.
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